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Transport and crane work of PTS Ges.m.b.H.
We carry and lift for you!

The transport and crane operations are carried out by us with the most modern trucks.
They can be equipped with special lengths, bodies and equipment.
Today it is technically possible to transport any quantity and type of goods by road via any route. Our trucks are always adapted to the needs of our customers and have, in particular, our crane vehicles.

When crane work sensitivity is very important!
The most sensitive and accurate control of our cranes is only with remote control. We apply the highest safety in crane operation. The electronic security monitoring systems ensure a smooth operation of cranes and protect against overloads and ensure optimal stability.

Our cranes can be equipped with all kinds of tools, which enables universal use.

• Pallet Forks
• hydraulic winches
• 2-peel grab for sand and debris loading
• Wood and special gripper
• hydraulic rotators
• duty straps and persons baskets for assembly work

By equipping the hinged arms with extra cranes crane can work with special tasks, especially in the construction industry will be done perfectly. Our cranes bring together over 25 m fully hydraulic lift to transport and can easily and quickly be folded width of the vehicle.

In following cranework our cranes are often used:

• in the house and rebuilding
• for carpentry and roofing work
• in steel and wooden hall

In connection with persons baskets also facadeworks can be performed smoothly.

Our transport refers to different areas!

Not only building materials but also provide long-distance transport, courier services and small transports. You have to do a transfer, we have the solution. Ask us and grant us your transport problems.

• All shipments of any kind
• Tree cutting using a crane up to 26 m height
• Disposal & Recycling
• timber and firewood transport
• Courier and parcel shipping 24-hour service
• Plan transport home and abroad
• Transport with crane
• Flatbed and abnormal loads

No matter what you have transportation or crane work, the PTS Ges.m.b.H. you are always right! Just contact us for your next project!