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Slopes Service by PTS Ges.m.b.H.
We prepare for you!

The slope of our service is carried out as the only company in Europe that deals with the slope preparation on behalf of the cable cars. The idea of the slope preparation work on a fee basis was established in 1993 as a logical conclusion of the walking excavator operations for the slopes and lifts Beschneiungsbau. So our staff are employed year-round. In the summer on the sites and in the winter with the snow groomers.

We offer the following services:

• slope preparation
• groomer sale
• grooming vehicle repair and service
• Transport of snow groomers

The runway service is performed using the latest and most intelligent test-equipped snowcats.

For the snow service vehicles of the latest generation with an engine output of 460 hp are used. These reach a theoretical area coverage of over 100,000 square meters per hour.

All vehicles are noiseless direct injection and meet the EUROMOT III emission standard with low fuel consumption and low emissions.
Furthermore, all groomers are equipped with flex milling to achieve the best possible quality slopes and to meet the high expectations of our guests. Steel or Aluraupen with toothed header bring excellent climbing ability and improved shear capacity of the vehicles, thus ensuring an optimal quality slopes.

Our drivers are regularly trained and constantly take part in courses and training for the operation of snow groomers to cope whatever the snow conditions and weather situation in the ever so difficult terrain.

The slope of the PTS Ges.m.b.H. - Your specialist for the piste preparation and the groomer sale and repair.